18 Facebook for Business Page Do’s and Don’ts

  At last count, Facebook is the biggest social media network at over 2.13 billion people using it daily so it certainly is a great medium to advertise and market your products or services and more importantly, your brand! Leverage its large user base to grow your business and make use of its many tools[…]

5 places to take your Date for Valentine’s day in Miami 

  You’ve been building up the courage to ask that special someone out for weeks. You bottle it all up and you walk up to them at the water cooler and just ask them straight out “WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE!!” You realize you did this in the break room during lunch hour and most[…]

ferrari. new car. to buy or to lease. pros and cons

3 Free Tools That Helps Reinvent The Way We Buy or Lease Cars

Shopping for a car for most people is usually an all-day affair at the dealership and almost always, it is a stressful process… Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore – there is a better option and it only requires internet connectivity and a cell phone! The internet medium has certainly made many[…]

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