5 places to take your Date for Valentine’s day in Miami 


You’ve been building up the courage to ask that special someone out for weeks. You bottle it all up and you walk up to them at the water cooler and just ask them straight out “WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE!!” You realize you did this in the break room during lunch hour and most of your coworkers have front row seats to the action. You turn redder than a tomato and realize the embarrassing situation you’re in. The person you ask is also red but starts to laugh and says “sure, I’ll be your Valentine” as you walk out of break room victorious PANIC COMES CRASHING IN. WHERE DO YOU TAKE THEM? WHAT KIND OF ACTIVITIES DO THEY LIKE? PAPER OR PLASTIC?!?! DID YOU TURN OFF THE OVEN?

Try not to have a meltdown, I have you covered with my 5 options on where to take your date on valentine’s day   


Who can deny the sheer love for a beautify directed film? Add in the savory cuisine of a well-cooked meal and you have all the ingredients for a truly enjoyable date night. Cinebistro is a movie & dinner combo, where you can enjoy the comfort of a large comfortable cloud like love seat while being served food all within the theater. With two locations in Miami one in Dolphin Mall and the other in Cityplace Doral you have a choice of which one suits you better. Be sure to bring your appetite as the food here is delicious! We recommend the vaca frita burger (and don’t forget to add the fried egg YUM)


If you’re looking for a WOW factor, then how about a top of the line restaurant on a rooftop in the heart of Miami Beach. With exception service rarely found in other locations, you’ll have clean silverware and plates for every item you have ordered. The food is amazing and takes inspiration from a well-blended trio of French, Japanese, and Peruvian Styles. The location’s ambiance is soothing yet inviting for social gathering but what really sets the mood is the skyline view of the city setting the tone for a magical night.


Picture from juviamiami.com

Kings Dining & Entertainment

Now let’s say you want a more playful vibe to your night, Kings might be more your speed. With a red-carpet entrance and feel like royalty vibe. Located in Cityplace Doral, this one-stop shop for a fun night out has it all. Stocked with a full bar, multiple bowling lanes, pool tables, air hockey, foosball, and GIANT JENGA! this place is sure to make it a night full of laughs. Their food is great, and everything is made right from scratch, so you get a nice freshly cooked meal every time. Their drinks are also special as most drinks have something they call a “KINGS TWIST” which as you may have guessed adds their own take on famous drinks.

King's Dining & Bowling Area

King’s Dining & Bowling Area

Dolphin Odyssey

At Miami Seaquarium they offer a different take on a romantic dinner under the stars. With a wide variety of things to do for both for adults and children alike. You can make it a night to remember with this creative and different approach to a valentine’s day. Dinner with flipper anyone?

Dolphins Swimming

The Wharf

Miami’s newest and one of the most popular locations is sure to bring out a fun party mood if that’s what you’re going for. Located right the river the 30,000 sq.ft. the open-air platform of excitement, with live music performances, happening every week is always a different and interesting time not to mention three bars and a rotating pool of food trucks. Try to get there a little early as seating can take a while. Man’s 4-legged friend is allowed before sunset so long as they are on leash and if you’re coming via boat they have a dock for you to set your sea vessel

The Wharf Entrance

Picture by World Redeye

Just remember your date already said yes that was the hardest part, be yourself and have a great night! As for the kitchen stove…. well hope you have fire hazard insurance. If you happen to know of any other spontaneous events or ideas please comment below and share it with us!


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5 places to take your Date for Valentine’s day in Miami 

by Hector Garcia time to read: 3 min