18 Facebook for Business Page Do’s and Don’ts



At last count, Facebook is the biggest social media network at over 2.13 billion people using it daily so it certainly is a great medium to advertise and market your products or services and more importantly, your brand! Leverage its large user base to grow your business and make use of its many tools to market your way to great success… To help you reach your target audience and increase your customer conversion rate, be sure that your Facebook for Business Page has everything in place to make you look like a superstar! Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help steer you true north…


DO make effective use of your profile picture… This is part of your overall branding so your company logo would be great!

DO completely fill out all sections of your page including the “About Us” where you can let everyone know who you are and what you do

facebook-like-thumbs-up-iconDO set aside a good hour daily to work on content, interact with your audience, etc.

DO respond to questions, messages and comments as soon as possible and stay connected as much as you can

DO create/form relationships and cultivate a following – always keep it positive

DO always keep it professional and polite – use email to resolve issues

DO post about company events, milestones, achievements and be sure to include pictures/images and videos

DO participate and interact with your audience and be sure to like and share their posts; after all it’s about being “social”

DO use CTA (Call To Action) buttons and be ready to interact once a customer is ready to engage

DO use the analytics/insights information to better understand your audience


Facebook and social media in general is more about forming relationships and cultivating a following rather than about winning a popularity contest…


DON’T create a business page and leave it stagnant and dormant

DON’T overuse hashtags – determine the top three hashtags relevant and use them consistently

facebook-not-like-thumbs-down-iconDON’T just use your page just to advertise your products/services

DON’T annoy people with constantly trying to push/seel your product/service

DON’T worry so much about how many likes your posts got and concentrate more on content that people want to share on their page

DON’T be afraid to post many times daily at the beginning – it’s a great way to find out when is the best time window for maximum engagement

DON’T ignore targeting the right audience especially when boosting a post/ad or your business

DON’T use bad grammar or have misspelled words anywhere on your page


We certainly hope you found these insider tips useful in getting your Facebook for Business Page setup the right way and ultimately complement your company’s overall marketing solution! Best Wishes and Let’s Get Social!


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18 Facebook for Business Page Do’s and Don’ts

by Jose Cheng time to read: 2 min